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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

"Summer, Summer, Summertime. Summertime."

Okay, raise your hand if you and your sister ever made up a dance to DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince's "Summertime." Am I the only one with my hand up? Gosh, I love that song. I admit it. And I love summertime! Now, we have lived in many parts of the country and have experienced summer in may different places. A cool ocean breeze in California, a morning sweater in the mountains of Colorado, an evening baseball game in Missouri and long nights in the Dominican Republic, but a "Texas Summer" has only one description: Sweaty. It is hot and it is humid and you find yourself just trying to get from "air conditioning to air conditioning." A pool is a must. An indoor playground is a definite. And good friends to sip a Mocha Coconut Frap with is essential! So here are a few of our favorites for a Texas summer!

Old Navy

I am lucky enough to have good friends to go swimming with every week! Playing with kids, wanting to model modesty for my daughter and being around other young kids, led me to buy a new one piece (something I hadn't worn since Junior High summer camp). I bought this one at Old Navy (except mine is bright pink with white polka dots...cute!)
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In order to feel good about yourself in that bathing suit you might need a little help from our good friend Jillian. I'm a BIG fan of a Jillian workout. She will kick your butt and she'll do it in about 25 mins! "Ripped in 30" is a progressive boot camp style workout program. You do one workout for a week and then move on to the next level. It's hard core and you may want to literally punch Jillian Michael's in the face, but just mute her and keep going, it's worth it!

Mocha Coconut Frap at Starbucks

Do you like my progression of items? Bathing suit, workout video, sugary and fattening drink, next I'm going to post a bacon burger with cheese! But in all seriousness (or as serious as you can be about a coffee drink) this drink is amazing! It is like summer in a cup, and if you need to feel better about it (like I do) order it "light" with no whip cream. Some would argue that defeats the point of having this amazing creation, but others are so thankful I just gave them this option...you know who you are.

Hippo Pool at Target

My in-laws were just in town and they graciously bought this pool for my kids. They are now obsessed with being in the backyard and playing in the water! They jump and slide and rarely run into each other or yell that someone is in their way (I said "rarely" not "never"). And the best part is; I can sit in the privacy of my backyard, in my non mom bathing suit and get a tan, while my kids are completely entertained!

And on a good summer day, this happens...

Happy (Texas) Summer!