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Monday, March 19, 2012

May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favor!

So if you're a nerd totally awesome, like me, then you're excited and maybe a tad bit obsessed with the premier of Hunger Games!!! (Look out, I feel like there will be even more than usual exclamation points used in this post!!!)

While in attendance last night at a fabulous wedding of two amazing people (well actually four people. The  brides were twin sisters and they decided to have their weddings together!) I about tackled this lovely girl in a teal dress because I spotted her most amazing Mockingjay Pin. Luckily, being obsessed with the books also (i.e. wearing the pin) she totally understood my excitement and why I ran over to talk to a complete stranger. Needless to say she sat at our table, where myself and a few other Hunger Games Fans made quick friends...it's bringing people together!

But I was inspired to look up where to buy such a fabulous pin (yes, I am a total dork. I totally know), and found all this other stuff as well!!

Catching Fire Lip Tint at Theme Fragrance on Etsy

Brass Arrow Bracelet at InGodsHands on Etsy
Everdeen Family Book of Herbs Journal at Creobos on Etsy
Rue's Lullaby at PixyStitches on Etsy

Stay Alive T-shirt at NoseAndWhiskers on Etsy

MockingJay Pin at SpotLightJewelry on Etsy

 Honestly this is the tip of the iceberg of Hunger Games crap stuff! Etsy has pretty much anything you can imagine. SO get your geek on and find something ridiculous to wear! Happy Hunger Games.
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