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Monday, March 5, 2012

It's been TOO long!

I have this tendency to ignore things I know I should do but don't want to think about (not a great personality trait when comes to things like PAYING BILLS!) This blog, unfortunately, became one of those things. It has been months people! Months!! Now some of that time is for totally valid reasons (and to validate myself I am going to list them for you now.) First, we traveled a lot towards the end of summer and into the fall. My sweet brother-in-law got married so we were flying back and forth to Colorado for bridal showers, bachelor parties and the wedding. Then the unthinkable happened...the computer BROKE! It was awful. After weeks of fixing it and then breaking again, fixing and then breaking, I finally took it to the computer repair shop and they proceeded to keep it for TEN weeks! TEN! And then at the end of those ten weeks, they still hadn't fixed it! Anyway, (and I promise this not-so-interesting story will be over soon), we finally took it to the Apple store where they fixed it for free and in about an hour. So, we've had it back for about 4 weeks and I have spent a considerable amount of time working on New Millie and "pinning" everything on Pinterest. But it's time friends. It's time to get my little act in gear with my blog. SO welcome back! Here are some things that have happened:

This is the nap mat I made for Harper. (She asked me the NIGHT before the first day of school to make it and being already emotional about sending my kids to Preschool, I agreed. I was up very late.)

Crazy Girl and Sweet Boy on their first day of school! Look at them with their backpacks!
During one of our visits to Colorado Daddy took Luke to his first Baseball Game (Go Rockies!) He loved the game and the Hot Dog!

 My Sweet Boy got his first hair cut.

Strawberry Shortcake and Superman ready for trick-or-treating. (Note to self: do not wait until the day before Halloween to find a costume because you think you will be the only person who procrastinated. Because you will end up buying your daughter a costume that is too small and picking up a costume for your son that was laying on the floor and praying the whole time in line that the actual owner of said costume does not come and rip it from your procrastinating fingers.)
 Luke busted his head open on a window. This trauma could have a whole post dedicated to it but I'll spare you the details and just give you the facts: It bled A LOT,  he ended up getting a ton of stitches, but we gave him (and mama) chocolate and he (we) felt better.

We celebrated Christmas at home. And we have like 84 videos of it and only 2 photos. So, sorry it's not great!

Harper had her first sleepover with her best friend Lorelai. (Another note to self: just because two 4 year olds stay up until midnight, that does not mean they will sleep in the next day. They will actually get up at the exact same time they always do and then be emotional messes for the next two days.)

Ok there's the run down! This is hopefully the start of a more consistent blog life.

Come by soon and see what I did with this atrocity!

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