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Friday, July 8, 2011

The Everyday Skirt

Perfect for everyday wear!  

Collect your supplies!
     1. 1/2 yard of fabric
     2. 1 yard trim
     3. elastic (I used 3/8)
     4. coordinating thread
     5. scissors
     6. sewing machine

This skirt is very simple and practical for the girl who loves skirts and dresses but also loves to run, play and get dirty! Warning: I started off taking step by step photos, and then got wrapped up in sewing and stopped. If you already know the basics of sewing, this is going to be no problem to follow, if not...my apologies.

 1. Cut your fabric to size. I had a 1/2 yard of fabric and decided to just even it up and use the majority of it. My daughter wears a 3T-4T and the amount made a full skirt without being overwhelming. Next, you are going to start making a pocket to put your elastic. Start by folding over about 1/4 inch and sewing. Then fold over again, this time about an inch and sew this down. Make sure to leave a little opening to pull your elastic through.
2. Attach a safety pin to your elastic and run it through the pocket you made. Measure your girl's waist. Clip off elastic at desired amount and sew together. Then sew up the opening you had left.

 3. Next, cut your skirt to the desired length. Make sure to account for the length of the trim. (I ended up cutting off about 8 inches from the skirt.) Attach your trim. Make sure your trim is evenly pinned onto your skirt, you don't want your skirt gathering at the bottom.
 4. Sew on the trim. I also went back and top stitched the bottom of the trim, just because I wanted to. I also ran out of pink thread and couldn't find my white (who can't find their white thread?!) and I didn't want to drag the kids to Hobby Lobby, so I used yellow instead. I like it.
5. Trim off all extra thread and TA-DAH! You have an easy, cute little skirt.

If your trying this and you're confused, my apologies. You can always leave a comment and I will answer as best I can! Happy sewing!

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