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About This Handmade Life

This is us.

The guy in the hat is my husband. This was taken at his Med School Graduation. He is now a General Surgery Resident, working his hot little buns off. He loves to fly fish, watch/listen to/play any sport, he could eat tacos for dinner most nights, he does a great Brooks & Dunn impression, he's a great dancer, but doesn't think so, he is WONDERFUL at telling me "Thank you," and according to our daughter "he tells the best stories!" (Don't ask her what she thinks of my stories.) We are also complete opposites and it takes his type "A" personality a lot of patience to handle his very laid back wife.

The curly headed one is three. (If you have had a three year old I could just stop there and I'm sure you could infer all that her age implies.) She loves babies, dressing up like a princess, and reading (or having me read) like 27 books a day!  If you want to get on her good side, just offer to paint her fingernails or let her help you bake something or ask her to show you her "ballet" (she has actually never taken ballet, but apparently she is an expert.) She loves to give "hugs and kisses," she randomly tells me I'm beautiful, and she likes holding her brother's hand while driving in the car. She also spends a large part of the day in time-out, is constantly telling me "in a minute," "not now" or flat out "no," and just the other day we had to leave Target because she threw herself on the floor screaming when I wouldn't buy her a pink dress. Yaaaay.

The little one is 20 months. He was our "surprise" (that's a nice way of saying accident). His first three words were "ball, dada, and throw" which pretty much sums up sweet boy's favorite things. Just try to sit down around him and he will bring you a ball or a bat or both and insist that you pitch to him, or play catch. He also loves to climb over my couch, or jump off of my couch or run as fast as he can into my couch (boys are weird). He will force you to cuddle with him, and while that sounds sweet it really means he will follow you around whining or hanging on your leg until you let him sit on your lap (of course this always happens right at dinner time.)

And me. I love them.

"This Homemade Life" is a joining of two other blogs (our family blog and my craft blog, New Millie) Those two things aren't really separate and I was tired of feeling like I was doing "double duty" trying to keep up with both sites. Here, you'll find things about my family, preschool, my daily schedule, what I'm learning (wether important or not), projects I'm doing (on a budget), maybe what we had for dinner and hopefully some tutorials and useful ideas for your own life.

Thanks for reading all this. It was long.