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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Crazy Girl Gets a New (well, updated) Room

So here, as promised, are the "after" pictures of The Crazy Girl's room. We still have a few things to do, which I will tell you about along the way, but this is what we have so far!

Also, let me say this re-do was a desperate attempt to get my extremely headstrong girl to stay in her room and LEVE ME ALONE in the middle of the night and early morning. Apparently, however, she can not be bribed, and continues to wake me up. Boo.

So, let's just remind ourselves of the before. And, yes, I did leave the bed unmade on purpose!
 Harper's bed before was really high (another failed attempt to get her to stay in the bed.) I took off the box spring, so the bed sits much lower and you can really see her pretty bed frame (which is from IKEA by the way.)

 I had this "Harper" banner I had made left over from her birthday party and decided to tie it to the headboard. It was either that or Harper was going to have a butterfly and flower birthday party for the next five years so I could re-use that banner! It took a long time.

The frames above her bed I got from Target on clearance. They were $1.74 each! Go Target! I had some leftover fabric from who knows what (I am kind of addicted to buying fabric for projects that I will probably not do and then later use that fabric for something totally different.) I simply used some photo spray adhesive to the glass and then stretched the fabric over. Super easy. I thought about crocheting some flowers to glue on but decided I liked them without anything.
This bookshelf was just plain white until I mod podged some bright pink tissue paper to the back. (I'll post that tutorial later, although I pretty much just explained everything you would need to do.) The "H" was just a chipboard letter I also mod podged tissue paper to and then hot glued it to an 8x10 canvas I covered in fabric. Harper wanted me to tell you that the owls' names are Penny and Joy and she loves them.

 I loved the canopy Harper had over her bed before (another IKEA buy), so I decided to keep it in the same place and make it into a little reading corner. Crazy Girl LOVES to read!

 The canopy was just a sheer, so I hot glued some turquoise flower and butterfly ribbon I had bought for Harper's birthday party and then never used. (I got it out of Michael's $1 bin.)

 Can you see my Sweet Boy crying in the mirror? His sister wouldn't let him sit in her new reading spot.
Crazy Girl got this sweet bow holder from her favorite Sunday School teacher, Miss Dee! It works perfectly in her room!
I made these photo frames for Harper's last room. It was simply square pieces of cork that I bought at CVS in a four pack (yes, I said CVS) and then layered with scrapbook paper and a black and white photo (which needs to be updated) and then two button sewn on with twine.
So here is where some updating needs to happen. I am going to change out the knobs on the Dresser and I would like to paint and antique the mirror...I am thinking a green or aqua color. I would like to do the same thing with the dresser but it's a pretty cheaply made piece and I'm not sure what it could handle.

The letters were Hobby Lobby and I just hot glued some buttons on them (I love me some hot glue!)

LOVE this sign! Found it at Hobby Lobby in there 66% off aisle (I also love me some Hobby Lobby!)

This cabinet is actually from the Hot Doc's college apartment. I hated the glass front so I backed it with some fabric (hides a mess well!) The butterflies were more leftovers from Harper's birthday party that I tacked on the wall.

I love the flower's hanging in the corner, one of my favorite parts. 

So, there has been big debate in my house over the paint color of this room. I was wanting to keep it kind of gender neutral, since when we have another baby (no, we are not pregnant, and we probably won't be pregnant soon...well not too soon, but we hope to be blessed with at least one more baby while living in this house and) I would like Harper and Luke to share a room. However, some very persistent girl has decided she wants pink and one head over heels daddy has said to "give her what she wants," so...

I love the idea of these wide horizontal stripes. Do you think all the way around the room would be too much? Maybe just on the "headboard wall"? I kind of love the idea of breaking up the pink...

This is Martha Stewart "Carnation." We have used Martha in the other painted rooms in our house and love how it turns out. If we decided to do stripes I think this is the color we would use...maybe... 

Here is my dream room for Harper! LOVE the lamps! Enlarge the picture if you can't see them well, they are so cute! I also adore this pink. I think if we do the ENTIRE room one shade this might be it, although I have no idea what color this is...

They made me take this picture. What you can't hear is both of them saying "cheeeeeeeeese!" And why Crazy is holding Sweet's head like that, I have no idea. They literally make me laugh out loud everyday.

Hope you enjoyed the "progress" pictures. I'll post again once the room is painted, which will be soon...I promise! Anyone have an opinion; stripes or one all over color? What to do?


  1. steph i am LOVING reading your blog! Thanks for all the updates and inspiration! I have been trying to get motivated to do baby girl's room and update Annika's too since I never really finished it when i started working. Ok, and your cleaning schedule...brilliant....may have to try that. I still haven't learned how to clean up after myself. Sometimes i think, how in the heck did we ever live in the same room...but no one else could have handled me...pretty sure I drove ang nuts. She used to wash my sheets for me when i went out of town.

  2. i love stipes!! if you look at pottery barn kids they have some cute ideas and colors. if we have a girl there is this one room in the mag that i'm totally copying! but everything you did is so cute!

  3. Steph, I love the idea of stripes...sounds meticulous though. An all over color requires LESS times and you probably won't go insane (thats why I decided to paint Scarlett's room all one color) BUT if your feeling extra patient go with the stripes! Maybe I'll do the same one day! Love the new blog, great job on the room re-do!

  4. Agreed! Stripes!! So fun to read your ideas and thoughts!

  5. Thanks! And we did do the stripes! I'll have to post the pics soon!!