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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Cleaning Schmeaning: A Confession

Okay, so who did their Monday cleaning? I DID! Holla! (Just kidding. I don't really say "holla.") But I will admit it was with a bit of tweaking. Something you should know about me, or already know about me, or don't care to know about me, but you're reading this so you're going to find out anyway; I am not a perfectionist. Okay, wait. I take part of that back. I am perfectionist when it comes to crocheting or sewing or crafting. I will take something apart in a second if I don't feel like it is "just right." But most anything else, I can let things go. So on Monday that's just what I did. I did manage to do all of the actual "Monday cleaning," but slacked a bit on the "Daily Cleaning." Beds were not made, toys were not picked up before nap and no laundry was done.  But weirdly, my house seemed (and still does) "feel" cleaner. Which is really a change from how I normally do things because, like stated in the previous post, usually things are picked up and wiped down, but good old fashioned cleaning isn't always consistent.

Today, however, my "Tuesday Cleaning" was not done. It was cold and rainy this morning which led to cuddling and coffee drinking on the couch. Since my kids are little and we don't "have" to get to school or other things (except on Bible Study morning) I'll let them snuggle with me as long as they want. Sometimes, there is no snuggling; they wake up and are right to playing, but some days, like this morning, we get a fire going and get under daddy's big blanket and watch "Sid The Science Kid" or "Mickey Mouse Club" or "Super Why," or Harper brings me book after book and we read and read and read. It's lovely. So with a leisurely morning, came running late errands, having a late lunch, and so on and so on, and no cleaning. So I will do "Tuesday's Cleaning" tomorrow. The upside about the schedule is that there are only 5 days of cleaning, so if you need to (or want to) skip a day, you can always push it back.

I'm going to go ahead a post all the chores for the rest of the days of the week, just in case you wanted them. I know you all just jumped for joy, "Yay! She's posting a whole list of cleaning chores! This blog is so exciting! What exhilarating thing will she think of next?!" I promise I do more than clean, or think about cleaning, or write about cleaning (well, sometimes).

But before we do that, we would just like to say...

There are A LOT of January birthdays in our family! Also, Happy Birthday Auntie Cheri, Dana and Papa! This is the part where most of are thinking, "but, it's February." Why, yes it is smarty pants reader, but something else you should know about me...total PROCRASTINATOR, that's just how I roll (I'm kidding again. I don't really say that either.)

Okay, back to the "un-fun"

Tuesday- Living Room and Playroom
Wash any frequently used blankets
Wash pillows (as needed)
Organize toy buckets (Throw away broken toys/add to "give away" box)
Clean mirrors and TV
Sweep and Mop entry tile

Wednesday- Master Bedroom and Bath
Sweep and Mop bathroom
Wash and change sheets
Wash bathroom Rugs
Wipe down counters
Clean toilet
Clean shower and tub
Tidy up closet (which really means, "stop throwing your clothes on the ground or laying them over the hamper and actually put them on a hanger"

Thursday- Kids' Rooms and Office/Craft Room
Wash and change sheets
Vacuum (including upstairs landing)
Organize craft items and desk
Take out trash

Friday- Upstairs and Downstairs Bath
Wipe down counters
Clean toilet
Clean tub
Sweep and mop
Wash Rugs (if needed. Barely anyone uses my downstairs bathroom)
Clean mirrors
Take out trash

Good Luck! I'll keep you updated! 


  1. I have been trying... and I can't keep up the weekly schedule! But here I am, the house is quiet (everyone is napping) and I am writing on your blog instead of cleaning... at this rate your weekly schedule should be my every 2 week schedule. Maybe I will try that : )