Ever Changing List of My FAVORITE Etsy Items!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Weekly Featured Favorite Etsy Seller

Starting a tradition, right here, right now, my friends! How excited are you to be a part of this? Every Monday I am going to feature a new Etsy seller that I have found and have been drooling over all week. Those of you that know me are thinking "no way will she consistently post something every Monday!" Well to that I have to say, "shame on you for not believing a person can change!" (and you're probably right) But we're gonna give it a big college try here people!

So, the first Weekly Featured Favorite Etsy Seller is... A.E. Wilder! You can see her beautiful and special work above! Her items are perfect for a baby shower gift or your own kid. I stumbled upon this store while creating a Treasury (find it here), my search words were "fun, colorful and special." Those words are depicted perfectly in A.E. Wilder's shop!

Please visit her shop and buy one of these beautiful items today!


I had a few "firsts" this weekend. Now if your here just to see pictures of my kids, you might want to just skip this post, because they might not mentioned again...maybe.

I finally completed and posted my first pattern to the Etsy shop! (applause, applause). It is something that I have been wanting to do for awhile and just....haven't. The Hot Doc has been badgering encouraging me to write down my patterns for sometime and I think he was pretty proud that I actually did it.
Find the Bear Hat pattern here!

I was also featured in two fellow Etsy seller's Treasuries, which was really flattering! A Treasury is a collection of items of other sellers that usually fits a certain theme. Find the Treasuries here and here!

Okay, for those of you that held on until the end, here they are in all their craziness glory!

They have fun together.

Monday, April 11, 2011

This Is How We Do...

Playtime. In my house I am not a good enough mom to teach my kids how to pick up after themselves. Or how to get something out and then when they're done put it all away. I know I should. I know I will regret it very soon. But right now, the difference between my kids "picking up" their toys, and me just picking them up, is about 45 mins. So here is a very typical day in our house.
Toys dragged out of playroom into entry way

Crayons, markers and paper scattered everywhere

Art table a mess

Dirty kitchen (they get this from their mother)

At least they like each other...

and play together (pretty) well

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Somehow I Missed This

A little while ago I posted about our fun times at the Houston Rodeo. Well I had forgotten my camera (not out of the ordinary) so my great friend, Angie, had taken some pictures of my kids (also not out of the ordinary). Ang had sent me the photos, but somehow I missed this one, which might be the cutest one! The Allen boys are some of our FAVS!

B-Ball (Brady), Harper, Big Luke, Little Luke

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Best (and easiest) Question I've Ever Asked My Husband, My Daughter's Fashion Sense and Etsy Stuff

So, I could of split this post into three separate days of writing, but decided I would include all of; I like to have a little bit for everyone, you know?

First. I have said before that the Hot Doc and I are totally opposite! Sometimes being opposite doesn't matter. Like, he is the best person to hang out with! He cracks me up, he'll always offer to let me watch a girly movie (but I always decline, mainly because while I'm crying at Julia Roberts in My Best Friend's Wedding, when she's at the wedding and has to give the "best woman" toast, but just the day before she was telling the groom how much she loves him, and you know that even though she means everything she is saying in her speech, it's still completely breaking her heart, you know that scene right? Well Jeff would be making fun of her or me the entire time, kind of ruins the moment), he says "thank you" for everything, and reminds our kids to do the same, and even though he leaves for work at 5 am, he still takes the trash out on "trash days." But in other things, being opposite does matter. And in our house, cleaning is one of those things. So a couple weeks ago, I asked the Doc to tell me some of his top things around the house that he would like me to make sure to pay attention to. This is what he said: keep our room and bathroom clean, manage the laundry (I loathe laundry!) and make sure the kids' trash cans are emptied regularly (because let's be honest, pee diapers can really start to stink!) So easy right?! So when I can't keep on top of my daily schedule, I just make sure that the Doc's three things are finished. It's awesome! I love that he notices when things are clean and he appreciates that I am taking the time to make him happy (because let's be honest, I don't really care if the bed is unmade...but he does.)

Next. I've been documenting a couple of Crazy Girl's outfits. From a VERY young age, she has insisted on dressing herself. Sometimes I put up a fight, but other times, I just flat don't care. She thinks she looks great, and if you know Harper, it's really difficult to change her mind...about anything...ever.

Heart sweatshirt, over flower dress, over white skirt, over striped leggings

Prom picture

Blue flower shirt, over purple shirt, jean shorts, over striped tights

Drooly dinosaur shirt on Sweet Boy
As you can see, she likes the layered look.

Last. I started a facebook page for New Millie (go here, check it out, write a comment, click the "like" button!) I also have a few new items for sale on Etsy, here are a few...

Spring Time Hat

Sweet Baby Hat

Charlotte's Headband
Also, coming soon is the first of many COUPONS! What! What! (That just felt right). Discounts are coming everyone! So become a fan of New Millie on Facebook, check out the etsy page, be a fan of this blog and go find more beautiful photos like these at katielittlephotography.com! Man, I am bossy today!

Happy Wednesday!