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Monday, April 18, 2011

Weekly Featured Favorite Etsy Seller

Starting a tradition, right here, right now, my friends! How excited are you to be a part of this? Every Monday I am going to feature a new Etsy seller that I have found and have been drooling over all week. Those of you that know me are thinking "no way will she consistently post something every Monday!" Well to that I have to say, "shame on you for not believing a person can change!" (and you're probably right) But we're gonna give it a big college try here people!

So, the first Weekly Featured Favorite Etsy Seller is... A.E. Wilder! You can see her beautiful and special work above! Her items are perfect for a baby shower gift or your own kid. I stumbled upon this store while creating a Treasury (find it here), my search words were "fun, colorful and special." Those words are depicted perfectly in A.E. Wilder's shop!

Please visit her shop and buy one of these beautiful items today!

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