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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Real Life (and some other stuff)

So we live in Texas and the Rodeo is kinda a big deal. And by kinda, I mean it's totally a big deal! This year the Rodeo ran from March 1-20th and every single day there were two hours of Rodeo events followed by a concert. The concerts were performers like, Rascal Flats, Brad Paisley, Keith Urban, Lady Antabelum, Miranda Lambert, Tim McGraw and many many more. It's kind of ridiculous. Besides the rodeo and concerts there was also an entire carnival complete with roller coasters, a ferris wheel and an endless amount of (over priced) games and an extremely cool Livestock show. Jeff and I left the kids one evening and caught the Rodeo and the Gary Alan concert, which was great. And the kids and I met up with our good friends, the Allens, and headed over to the livestock show. The kids did the petting zoo, which Harper hated (so much of our dreams of her Mutten Busted), but Luke LOVED! We also visited the chick hatching station (so cool), we looked at cows and sheep and huge pigs, the kids ran and rolled down a hill (for like 20 mins) and then we grabbed a lemonade and went home!
Houston Rodeo!
Sweet Boy and his new friend

Lookin' at some Longhorns

I did not bring my camera, so my wonderful and picture obsessed friend, Angie caught a few of my kids (there were a few more, but either Harper or I had our eyes half shut. I thought I would spare you.)

Now on to "other stuff"

If you have boys, then you know it is hard to find unique clothes (on a budget) and if you sew, it's hard to find creative patterns and tutorials. HOWEVER, I have found two great blogs that have some great stuff! The first I Am Momma Hear Me Roar and the second is MADE. They are both wonderful and have full sections devoted to "The Boy"

I was going to make Luke a bow tie to wear on Easter (because, what else am I supposed to make), but then I found this great tutorial on I Am Momma Hear Me Roar...super excited! (Check it out! I would have posted a picture, but it is of her son, and I didn't feel right about using it without asking!)

Happy Tuesday!!

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  1. How fun!!!! You are too lucky! Kori xoxo