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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Love Me Some FREE Tutorials

Wanted to share with you some free tutorials I found!
Find this on Simply Modern Mom
This is going to be Harper's Easter dress! I bought the fabric earlier this week. This dress is actually made from a pillow case, but I couldn't just keep it that simple, so I bought three different fabrics to make this cute little number! So excited! I am also going to make Sweet Boy a bow tie from one of the leftover fabrics, I'll post pictures when it's done...well, maybe...I'm so bad at that!
Go to Noodlehead to make this little beauty
I LOVE this little gathered clutch! I have used this tutorial and it is awesome! The finished product is terribly cute and makes a great little gift. Even if your new to sewing, this tutorial is extremely easy to follow and a great introduction to sewing with zippers!

Okay, go get crafty! Talk to you soon!


  1. ooh thanks steph! I'm gonna try the clutch. been scared of zippers up to this point. love your blog!

  2. Kar- I was scared too! But it's actually SUPER easy! These turn out sooo cute!